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Brace yourselves shoppers, this Saturday‘s $26 billion shopping frenzy will top Black Friday


By: SDD Contributor

All the stars are aligned to make this last weekend before Christmas a bigger shopping event than in past years.

The final Saturday before Christmas, known in the retail industry as Super Saturday, falls three days before the big day this year, giving shoppers a little more time to use a weekend for last-minute purchases. In 2017, Christmas fell on a Monday, which means by last year‘s Super Saturday, families were already starting to gather, and picking up gifts was nearly complete, if not entirely done.

This year‘s Super Saturday is expected to be the second-busiest for traffic in stores this holiday season, trailing only Black Friday. . . .

. . . The weather across the country is another factor that could determine how many shoppers turn up to stores this weekend. According to Planalytics, a firm that analyzes weather and sales data, Super Saturday is looking to be clear and dry for most of the United States, with Maine and Colorado being two exceptions.

Planalytics said temperatures across the Midwest and mid-Atlantic will be warmer this weekend than a year ago, meaning shoppers in those regions will likely be more focused on buying non-apparel items versus winter coats. In the Southeast, where temperatures are expected to be cooler, the firm said coat sales will likely be higher.

Because of the expected mild and dry conditions, Planalytics said department stores, discount chains and dollar stores are likely to see a bump of $83 million in sales this Super Saturday. . . .

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