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Improving the Precision of Inventory Management

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020 Time: 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

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Join Antony Karabus, CEO, HRC Advisory, North America’s leading strategic retail advisory firm (www.hrcadvisory.com) and Fred Fox, CEO, Planalytics, the leading global provider of demand analytics addressing the financial impact of weather on the retail supply chain (www.planalytics.com) for a webinar that explores the growing importance of operationalizing localized analytics and variation in demand forecasts between store locations to more precisely and profitably manage their inventory investment.

Discussion topics for the webinar include:

  • Understanding how more precise, location-based data analytics help retailers more profitably and proactively address shifting demand caused by variations in weather, demographics, regional fashion and other factors.
  • A look at the growing influence of weather on consumer buying decisions due to more need-based purchasing and how more proactively incorporating this information into making better inventory decisions provides upfront working capital gains and repeatable annual benefits that more accurate demand forecasts deliver in terms of reduced lost sales, markdown savings, lower shrink/waste costs, and more.
  • The analytics, enhanced inventory planning processes, role accountabilities and change management that retailers will need to more proactively and profitably navigate the new consumer demand landscape.
  • The role a “Rapid Response Team”  can play to ensure inventory optimization is effectively managed through the pandemic and its aftermath, from best navigating the remainder of the current season to the holiday shopping period to planning 2021 and beyond.