Updated Path of Matthew Will Drive Emergency Purchasing in the Southeast, Mid-Atlantic, and New England Regions.

As Planalytics has been alerting and advising over the past week, hurricane matthew 2016Hurricane Matthew is now a major category 4 hurricane moving through the Caribbean. Matthew is currently located over Haiti and taking aim at eastern Cuba with sustained winds over 140mph.

The latest update on Matthew now has a projected path which covers millions of residents throughout the Atlantic Seaboard. Over the coming days, Matthew is projected to remain a major hurricane (category 3 or above) and move up the east coast of Florida and the coastline of the Carolinas. Florida and North Carolina are currently under a state of emergency to support preparations for residents and businesses from Miami to Jacksonville and into Charleston, SC and Wilmington, NC. The size and path of the storm suggest that areas along the coast will experience heavy rain, high winds, flooding, storm surge, and beach erosion later this week. Power outages and downed trees are also likely.

Expect media coverage for Matthew to intensify over the coming days as the latest possible paths of the storm include major markets in the Mid-Atlantic and New England region. The threat of Matthew will extend from Richmond northward to Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, and Boston into the Columbus Day weekend. Coverage of Matthew will drive demand for emergency preparedness items such as flashlights, batteries, generators, bottled water, bagged ice, and canned goods. Businesses should also be preparing to quickly replenish consumables which are currently in high demand. Additionally, clean-up categories will likely spike after the storm passes into next week.

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