ALERT: Tropics Heating Up! Demand for Hurricane-Related Categories Expected to Surge. 
Tropical Disturbance to Threaten South Florida and Gulf Coast Beginning This Weekend.

HermineAs we enter the core of the 2016 tropical season, Planalytics is tracking a disturbance that is expected to develop into a named tropical system (“Hermine”). Currently located north of the Dominican Republic, the system will track northwest where it is likely to impact south Florida by this Sunday with gusty winds and heavy rains. While there is still some uncertainty with the exact evolution, the system is expected to then move into the Gulf of Mexico where it may strengthen further. Coastal cities in the Gulf of Mexico need to stay on high alert.

Regardless of the exact outcome, businesses with locations in these areas will see consumers acting and purchasing in advance of any impacts from this developing tropical system. Expect demand for ‘storm stock’ categories such as pumps, generators, batteries, canned foods, and packaged ice to surge in advance of the system. Please be sure to monitor your daily Planalytics Tropical Alerts with location and time specific impacts on your business.

There is additional concern regarding potential impacts from flooding rainfall for many eastern regions as we approach the Labor Day Weekend. Look for the Planalytics Labor Day Weekend outlook in the coming days.

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