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Red Hot Summer! Warmest Week 2 of August in Five Years Across North America Lifted Summer Categories and Clearance. A Drier Week to LY Also Supported Outdoor Activities.

Weekend Review: Blazing hot temperatures dominated the Desert Southwest, Northern Plains, Midwest, Great Lakes, and Northeast. Conversely, cooler than normal temperatures were focused in the Southeast and Pacific Northwest regions. Rain impacted Florida, the Northern Plains, Midwest, Canadian Prairies, and New England. Dry conditions prevailed across the Mid-Atlantic and Mississippi Valley regions, as well as the Southern Plains and most of the West Coast.

Feeling the HEAT! The U.S. had its warmest 2nd week of August since 2010 as all regions were warmer than LY. The strongest warmth was focused in the Mountain and Central regions of the country. New Orleans and San Francisco had their warmest 2nd week of August in over 55 years. Summer categories had favorable demand conditions compared to LY.

Searching for a Cool Spot. A few markets, mostly in the West, were cooler than LY. Portland, OR, Riverside, San Diego, Seattle, and Oklahoma City were all cooler than LY. In the East, Miami had its coolest 2nd week of August since 2010.

The Well Ran Dry for Most. Last week was the driest 2nd week of August since 2007, which helped support outdoor activities. New Orleans had its driest 2nd week of August in over 55 years. Conversely, much needed rain occurred in the Pacific Northwest. Seattle was wettest since 1968. Buffalo had its most rainfall for the 2nd week of August in over 55 years.

Please follow this link to view an outlook for this week and next week.

Last Week’s Weather vs. Last Year (Week ending August 15, 2015)



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Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) is the measured impact of weather on comp sales (“lift” or “drag”).  It is a numerical representation of the consumer need for a product or service caused by perceived changes in the weather at a time/location intersection.  It does not include any factors other than weather (e.g. price, competition, etc.)  WDD is expressed as percent change from the previous year, either favorable (positive) or unfavorable (negative) for each product or service. 



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