Canadian Business Weather Wrap-Up


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WEATHER HIGHLIGHTS (Week Ending August 22, 2015)

Split Decision! Warm Conditions Drove Summer Clearance in Eastern Canada. Cool Conditions Had Consumers Thinking Fall in Central Regions.

Warmth Continued in Canada. Canada had its warmest 3rd week of August since 2009. Montreal and Ottawa were both warmest in 55+ years, driving summer clearance. Conversely, Edmonton and Calgary were coolest since 2005. Rainfall was the most since 2007. Calgary was wettest since 1998, which included light snowfall. Toronto was wettest since 2005. For reference, last year Canada was coolest for the week since 2007 and wettest since 2010. 

Last Week’s Weather vs. Last Year (Week ending August 22, 2015)



WEATHER DRIVEN-DEMAND BY PRODUCT (Week Ending August 22, 2015)

Weather-Driven Demand (WDD) is the measured impact of weather on comp sales (“lift” or “drag”).  It is a numerical representation of the consumer need for a product or service caused by perceived changes in the weather at a time/location intersection.  It does not include any factors other than weather (e.g. price, competition, etc.)  WDD is expressed as percent change from the previous year, either favorable (positive) or unfavorable (negative) for each product or service.