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Three Myths About the Weather
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Do You Understand How the Weather is Affecting Your Customer and Sales?

No other outside variable shifts consumer buying behavior as frequently, directly, immediately, or meaningfully as the weather.

Weather-based sales variations are real and there are real costs to ignoring them. When the “weather noise” embedded in your sales is left unaddressed, it is easy to misread sales results and the exact role weather played. This hurts your ability to accurately report, sensibly respond, or effectively plan.

Planalytics can help your business address weather volatility and its implications by precisely measuring weather’s impact on topline or category-level sales.

Weather-adjusted sales provide a clearer view of true performance by correcting for weather’s positive or negative influence. This correction presents performance in a weather-neutral perspective, giving your company the ability to objectively evaluate and compare different aspects of your business, from regional comps to category growth rates. Removing weather-based distortions from historical sales also improves planning, typically adding 20-80 basis points to the bottom line through inventory optimization alone.