Wednesday, October 22, 2014
"Weather impacts every aspect of our business. Planalytics’ ability to provide timely and relevant weather insights that are specifically focused on our business will enable us to serve our customers better by having the right products available at the right time to meet their needs."

How does this year’s growing season differ from last year?

Where are conditions ripe for insects and plant diseases?

Will corn and soybean yields be up or down this season?


From the farmer's field to the supermarket, weather plays a huge role in the availability and cost of food and fiber products. Not only does weather affect where and when crops can be planted but the overall health and welfare of plants and livestock as well. There is also a strong connection between weather, yields and commodity prices.

Each year, farmers and ranchers spend billions of dollars on products and services to produce the food we consume. Weather helps drive demand for such items as fertilizer, seed, feed, and products that protect plant and animal health. Suppliers that factor weather into their planning and decision-making processes can improve supply chain efficiency, capitalize on sales opportunities,
optimize marketing programs, reduce costs. . . and grow their bottom line.


Planalytics AgriBusiness Weather Intelligence offers solutions in the following areas:

AgriBusiness Weather Insights

To farmers and ranchers and the companies that manufacture the products they depend on, reliable weather intelligence is essential. What happens on the other side of the continent or on the other side of the globe is often as important as what happens across the road. Planalytics monitors weather’s impact on global agriculture so producers and agri-businesses in the U.S. can focus on what they do best… feeding the world.

Planning, Allocation and Distribution

Manufacturing and distributing fertilizer and other crop inputs is a twelve-month job, despite the fact that the majority of these products are consumed in a matter of 6-8 weeks each spring. Planalytics helps manufacturing and logistics professionals anticipate weather driven demand to make sure the right products will be in the right places when their customers need them.

Plant and Animal Health

Floods and droughts make the evening news, but seemingly subtle changes in temperature and humidity can have a major effect on plants and animals. Planalytics weather intelligence tools for agriculture were created with the unique needs of rural residents in mind, taking into account that the nearest National Weather Service station may be a hundred miles away.

Predictive Pest Control

Various technologies exist today that enable farmers and ranchers to raise crops and livestock without the fear of devastation that insects and diseases once posed. Planalytics helps producers and the suppliers of products and services they depend on to monitor weather conditions that are conducive to pests, scout fields and feed lots, and treat when necessary.

Crop Forecasting and Marketing

Wheat, corn and soybeans are commodities that are traded along with oil, currency and precious metals. Planalytics insights into crop conditions and yield potential -- combined with detailed weather analysis -- make it possible for farmers, grain merchants and Wall Street brokers to anticipate shifts in the market before they occur.