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Plan for Increased Weather-Driven Demand this Fall

By: David Frieberg

February 2015 certainly had its share of wintry weather with the Northeast, Midwest and even parts of the South having to cope with plunging temperatures and repeated episodes of ice, sleet and snow. Spring can’t get here fast enough for many, but for retailers that were looking to clear inventories of coats and winter accessories, it turned out to be a welcome late-season boost for sales.

Of course increased sales in February when both overall volumes and margins have shrunk considerably, are not nearly as attractive as strong early season sales. Let’s take a look ahead at a more important period for the outerwear category – September, October and November – when margins are healthier and a wider range of merchandise is available for shoppers as they transition to the winter season. The following month-by-month overview will highlight how year-on-year weather variances are likely to shape the front half of the upcoming season.

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