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How Weather Influences Customer Demand

2016 Home Shopping Trends Report

By: Tim Morris, Managing Director, Planalytics Europe

Weather is a critically important external factor for consumer-focused businesses. This is because no other outside variable shifts consumer buying behaviour as frequently, directly, immediately, or meaningfully as the weather. The climate outside affects decisions every day: from the clothing people wear to their food and drink choices, from the leisure activities they pursue to the chores that need to be done in their homes, gardens, and garages.

The challenge for businesses is that the weather is always changing and the trends rarely seem to be the same from one year to the next. As the conditions change, so does the consumer response, and 2015 proved to be another year with glaringly different weather and sales patterns. The following summary highlights how the year-on-year weather changes affected retail businesses and the demand for specific product categories. Planalytics’ Weather-Driven Demand values are measurements of how much the weather (and only the weather) positively or negatively impacted demand for a product or overall transactions.

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