Friday, October 24, 2014
"Our weather-driven demand number is tied directly to what percentage of our sales were up or down. You would be amazed at the correlation between how our volume performs and how the weather performs."

How much has weather impacted my sales and same store comps?

How do I adjust staffing levels to match fluctuations in traffic?

Should I advertise this week or wait for more favorable weather?


Restaurant operators know weather affects their business. In fact, a National Restaurant Association survey reported that 90% of tableservice restaurant operators say local weather conditions influence their sales and customer counts. Favorable weather pulls people out of the homes, benefitting quick-service, casual dining restaurants, and locations with outdoor seating. For many chains, traffic takes a hit when there are snowstorms or extreme temperatures. Weather also alters demand for certain cold weather and hot weather products – consumers are more likely to buy coffee, ice cream, hot foods, etc. in some conditions and less likely in other conditions.

Weather, location, and economic conditions are three of the most critical factors impacting restaurant sales. While companies cannot easily change the locations of their restaurants or do anything about high gas prices, they can more effectively plan and address weather’s impact on their business.


Planalytics Business Weather Intelligence solutions benefit restaurant chains in the following areas:

Financial Analysis & Planning

Planalytics weather-driven demand indices enable companies to deweatherize past sales and more effectively project future sales and cash flows.

Staff Scheduling

Planalytics in-season services identify areas of increased or decreased store traffic, helping companies to adjust staffing levels at affected locations.

Tactical Marketing & Promotions:

Planalytics media planning and timing services allows companies to best align advertising or promotional expenditures with periods of favorable weather.

Sales Analysis and Reporting:

Planalytics reports can provide a market level summary of specific weather statistics and how that correlates with your restaurant’s sales.